Sunday, March 21, 2010

Every day I watch as our Christian values are attacked and we are expected to make compromises in order not to offend anyone. We live in a country where being politically correct is more acceptable than being biblically correct. As a result most people in the faith have become sugar coated Christians who are afraid of offending anyone and disturbing the balance of things. Behind closed doors most Christians will proclaim their disgust but when faced with it in public they will simply keep their mouths shut or go along with society. Our Christian mind set is that we need to be compassionate and understanding to everyone and we should not say things which are hurtful, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let us take a lesson from Paul. Did Paul ever compromise his faith in order to not offend anyone? Did Paul ever put aside his beliefs in order to fit in better with society? I think we all know the answer to these questions. I have become completely disgusted with the path that our country is on and from this point on I refuse to remain silent in a politically correct society when it contradicts Christianity.

Evolution is openly taught in our public schools and colleges as being a universal truth. God has been kicked out and replaced by Darwin. A theory has replaced truth because accepting the truth means having to face the fact that all are sinners and need Jesus. Mainstream society does not want to believe that their own means are hopeless without the salvation of Christ because that would mean they would have to change the way they live their lives. As Christians we have stood by and let this happen and we have no one to blame but ourselves. We live in a country where the officials who govern are elected by the people and as a people we are electing Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans, and a myriad of people whose values are flawed and do not properly represent our own beliefs. In a country that was founded on Christian ideals and beliefs we are getting farther and farther away from what our founding fathers fought for. Amazingly this is something we could have prevented had we elected the right people to properly speak for us. The end result is a country that with each law passed is not just walking away from God, but running at full speed.

Each time we walk out or doors we are surrounded by people of all races and of all beliefs. The United States has become the largest collection of people from all countries and all religions. Daily we come in contact with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Wiccans, Scientologists, Evolutionists, Atheists, Agnostics, Homosexuals, and the list goes on and on, but as Christians we are the only ones who are forced to compromise our beliefs and if we don’t then we are called “Hate Mongers” and “Narrow Minded”. No one is more persecuted in this country than true believing Christians and as such we are expected to simply keep our mouths shut and go along with society. When does it end? When do we start to stand up for what is right and refuse to go along blinded like a sheep led to the slaughter? How long will conforming Christians be able to hold onto their faith before it becomes so watered down that it vaguely resembles Christianity and they lose themselves completely in a politically correct world that has rejected God.

Seventy six percent of Americans identify themselves as being Christian. I use the word identify because only thirty eight percent attend church on a regular basis. Most Americans identify themselves as being Christian simply because they were raised Christian, but never practiced their faith or either they have strayed from their faith. Out of the thirty eight percent who attend church regularly, how many of those do you think are actually God fearing Christians and how many do you think are going to church just to go through the motions. I have met people who go to church regularly but in their private lives they live as far outside of Christian values as any non-Christian in society. One of the fastest growing religions in the United States is Wiccan or more commonly referred to as Witchcraft. With the decline of Christianity and rise in Pagan beliefs how much longer do we have in this country before we as Christians no longer have any voice?

I was watching the news the other day and they were doing a piece on prostitution in the United States. Police officers were setting up sting operations where they would dress up female officers as prostitutes and arrest the men who would approach them for sex. On the same note they had male officers who would pretend to be clients and lure prostitutes to hotel rooms and then arrest them. Keep in mind I do not condone prostitution, but I am simply using this to prove my point. With that said I started thinking about abortion and I made a comparison of the two. How can the U.S. government rule that abortion is legal because it is the woman’s right to choose what she does with her body and then in the same turn arrest her for selling her body? If a woman has the right to choose what she does with her own body concerning abortion shouldn’t she have the same right to sell her body if she wants? This just points out the absurdity of our governing officials who are making the laws and the double standard by which they rule. If they can justify in their own minds the legalization of taking innocent lives then it helps them sleep better at night. No matter how they want to look at it abortion is murder. Have you ever seen the look on a young woman’s face after she walks out of an abortion clinic? It’s not usually a face of relief, but a face of regret and sorrow. Intellectually it might seem alright, but emotionally they know it’s wrong.

We cannot however blame corruption entirely on the government or on the ungodly. I was reading the other day that the Episcopalian church confirmed their second openly gay Bishop. The reasoning was, “on the matter of homosexuality the Bible is vague”. Really, the Bible is vague about that? You would think a church governed by people who have been to Seminary school would know what the Bible says. Not only is the world corrupting Christians, but so is the church itself. They are setting the example for Christians in their church that homosexuality is acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. That to go on knowingly and openly sinning is alright with God. How will the children and youth of that church have their Christian beliefs distorted because of this? I am tired of hearing about Gay rights, what about Christian rights? What about our right to believe what we want to believe and to teach the truth of Jesus Christ and the values of our faith? But I cannot talk like that because that makes me a “Hate Monger”. As a Christian I love all people, but first and foremost I love the Lord and when I see Him being made a mockery of it really makes me angry. The defense of the Gay Rights movement is they cannot help themselves because they were born that way. My reply is, if you were born that way then you are saying it’s a birth defect. It’s not unlike someone who is born blind or deaf or with any other birth defect. The difference is with homosexuality if it is a birth defect then it is one they can change by a conscious decision. Do you think if a person who was born blind could have their vision they would go on living without their sight? Bottom line is homosexuality is not a birth defect, it is a conscious decision they make each and every day. Rather than admit they are living in sin they justify it to make themselves feel better about what they are doing. Rationalization is an easier path than Salvation, but rationalization won’t get you into Heaven.

“Something for nothing” should replace “In God we trust” as our motto. Our country has become littered by people with their hands out. I am not talking about people who have lost their jobs due to an unstable economy, or the people who are willing to work and can’t find jobs, but the people who are able and choose not to. People who abuse the welfare system by having more and more children just so they can get more and more money from the government and as a result cost taxpayer millions of dollars of their own hard earned money. People who spend their time and effort to come up with schemes to bilk people out of their money, often times the elderly. People who steal from others rather than earn the money to buy their own possessions. People who use natural disasters as an opportunity to loot and pillage. People who create any and every reason to try and sue someone. These are just to list a few. Where are the Christian values in our society?

I don’t say any of this because I think I am perfect. I am far from it. I am simply a man who is tired of having to sit by and watch as the country I love is being perverted and turned into a nation without God. I am tired of being told as an American I have to be tolerable of all beliefs and lifestyles. Well I’m here to tell you, as a Christian I am not tolerable of the corruptness of our nation, our people and our government and I refuse to listen to anyone who tells me my faith in Jesus Christ is misplaced. I make no apologies for my faith and if you are a Christian you shouldn’t either.

God Bless.

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